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Preschool Calendars:

Preschool calendars are an important part of the school experience. These can be printed or downloaded to an e-calendar for your convenience. Back in the day, parents used to attach school calendars and other notices to the refrigerator. Now it seems that everyone keeps these important dates in their phone or tablet.
These calendar pages generally contain important information that will be happening within your child's preschool. Often it will include which field trips will occur, which days will have special classroom activities or parent volunteer opportunities. At our school, we also include days that we have Chapel and after school enrichment activities. It's a great way for families to stay in tune with the comings and goings of our preschool events.
One of our preschool calendars also includes the snack menu for every day of the month. It's super important to have healthy meals and snacks for the children at school. At our school, we offer one percent milk and water. We also give the children seasonal fruit and fresh vegetables along with assorted breaded options.