MVP Preschool Supports LifeWater


“Every 60 seconds, a child dies from preventable waterborne diseases. Many of these unsafe water sources are in the remote and rural corners of our world. All family members are affected by the water crisis—mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. Lack of safe water impacts all areas of life.” (Lifewater, 2019). 


Monte Vista Presbyterian Preschool believes that clean water for drinking and bathing is essential to keep young children safe and healthy. Lifewater is an organization that focuses on building wells and restroom facilities for schools and villages in Uganda, Cambodia, and Ethiopia. They conduct a water study, train villagers on the importance of clean, fresh water, and create sustainable water for children and their families. Visit for more information about the most current LifeWater projects.


A few weeks before Palm Sunday each year, our preschoolers take home a LifeWater jar and begin their hunt for coins to fill it up. Some children open their piggy banks, others do extra chores, and many find coins laying around their homes to fill their jars. Each day that a child brings his/her jar to preschool, he/she visits the LifeWater bucket and dumps out the coins. In Chapel, we talk about how children that live far, far away have to walk on rough roads and often miss school because they are getting water for their families. We talk about how we can give them fresh water with a big drill to make a well for their school or village. On Palm Sunday, Miss Reese and a few preschoolers get to take the red wagon to the front of the church to present the preschoolers’ contribution to LifeWater. Last year, in 2018, we raised over $750 in coins at Monte Vista Presbyterian Preschool. Preschool contributions for 2019 are still uncounted, but we anticipate that we raised over $500. Thanks to all for helping your child learn about clean water and helping other children around the world!

Click the image above for our preschool flyer about Lifewater and how our church and preschool have specifically helped this cause.