Preschool FAQ


Question: Is your school a licensed childcare center?
Answer: Yes, we are licensed with the Department of Social Services under license number 561700254. We are a play-based Preschool, not a daycare. 

Question: My child is not ready for academics, what is your philosophy on early learning?
Answer: We believe that young children need to learn more than just numbers and letters. Our classes focus on learning through play. As they begin to socialize with others, children learn skills that will help them in school and later in life. Our classes also offer learning opportunities through circle time and centers, where children learn music, literacy readiness skills, math readiness skills, and more. 

Question: Do you offer nap time?
Answer: At about 1:30 PM, the children that come 8AM-3PM lay on their mats for "Quiet Time". Non-nappers will get up after about 30 minutes. They go into another room for an afternoon snack and then outside to play. Children that fall asleep may remain sleeping until they are picked up at 3:00 PM. If they wake up early, we will get them a snack and take them outside to play with their friends.

Question: What about food? Do I need to send anything?
Answer: For friends that come Half Days (8:30AM-12:00 PM), we ask that you only send a water bottle with your child's name on it. We have two aides every day that prepare all morning and afternoon snacks. If your child attends LunchBunch, you will need to send a lunch. We prefer that you provide items that are easy for your child to open and easy to eat. Also, we are a nut free school - so please, no peanut butter, almonds, other nuts or items made in a nut factory.

Question: How can I volunteer?
Answer: We have a number of volunteer opportunities, both at home and at school. Here are some options, but we suggest you speak with your child's teacher for specifics:

Room Parent
Help with Fundraisers
Update School Birthday Chart
File School Library Books
Help with Special Events
Share at HERO DAY (Military, Firefighters & Police Officers)
Share any Special Talents