Monte Vista Presbyterian Preschool offers play-based learning opportunities for children 2 to 5 years old. We offer Half Day (8:30am-12pm) and School Day (8:00am-3:00pm) programs.

Two’s (age 2 upon enrollment)

Our youngest class caters to children from the age of two upon enrollment. We prioritize creating a positive and enriching first-school experience that promotes socialization. Through a play-based approach, children in this class engage in activities that foster various skills such as cause-and-effect understanding, problem-solving, eye-hand coordination, language development, and independence. Our teaching methods involve interactive games, captivating stories, uplifting music, and stimulating sensory activities. Furthermore, we introduce a new letter, color, shape, and number each month to broaden their knowledge.
The two-year-old classroom offers a personalized learning program that accommodates each child’s unique pace of development. Our dedicated teachers provide guidance and support, encouraging and facilitating potty training during school hours. If necessary, there is a monthly changing fee of $75. Depending on availability, parents can opt for a two-day program (T/TH), a three-day program (M/W/F), or a five-day program (M-F)

Preschool age 3 

In our preschool class for 3-year-olds, we foster learning through play, nurturing children’s social and emotional development, language and literacy skills, cognition, and physical growth. The classroom is designed with age-appropriate materials and activities that support their developmental needs. Our curriculum is carefully crafted, incorporating weekly themes and introducing concepts such as letters, shapes, numbers, and colors.
Within the three-year-old class, we emphasize vocabulary expansion, problem-solving abilities, letter and number recognition, coloring, writing, painting, cutting, and gluing, all while engaging children in large and small group activities. We encourage them to take responsibility for classroom belongings, assist others, and explore new experiences within a safe and conducive learning environment.
Based on availability, you have the option to choose a 2-day program (T/Th), 3-day program (M/W/F), or 5-day program (M-F).

Preschool age 4 

Our 4-year-old class is learning through play by supporting children’s social and emotional development, language and literacy cognition, and physical development. This class focuses on school readiness skills through group time instruction, playful activities, and following a schedule. Children are introduced to more advanced learning and organized skill-building. A typical day in the four-year-old classroom involves music, art, science, reading, and math activities. The class promotes problem-solving skills, teamwork, and creativity. You may choose two days (T/Th), three days (M/W/F), or a 5-day (M-F) program based on availability.

Our Kindergarten Readiness class, similar to TK (Transitional Kindergarten), strongly emphasizes developing reading and writing skills. Additionally, we integrate number sense and STEM learning into the curriculum. This comprehensive approach ensures that your child is fully prepared for the challenges of kindergarten.
This class is specifically designed for Kindergarten Readiness and operates from Monday to Friday, with classes scheduled from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. If you would like to receive further information about our Kindergarten Readiness class, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Clark at 805-499-6610. She will be delighted to assist you.