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Welcome to Monte Vista Presbyterian Preschool, where we are dedicated to delivering exceptional Early Childhood Education programs designed to meet your child's unique needs. Our esteemed team of educators possesses a wealth of qualifications, expertise, and a profound passion for nurturing young minds. Through a diverse range of dynamic and interactive activities, we foster an environment that encourages optimal learning and facilitates each child's holistic development. Whether you require a part-time or full-time schedule, our commitment to providing a high-quality educational experience remains unwavering.


Our esteemed institution proudly arranges a comprehensive array of enriching experiences throughout the academic year. We organize four off-campus excursions and two to three on-campus field trips, providing our students with invaluable real-world exploration and discovery opportunities. Additionally, we curate two captivating performances—an enchanting Christmas spectacle and a culminating showcase at the end of the school year—where our young talents shine brightly. Furthermore, we commemorate various special occasions, including engaging events such as Costume Parades, Thanksgiving Feasts, Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, Easter Egg hunts, and more, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community spirit. Moreover, we extend our commitment to fostering engagement by hosting events like Parents Night Out and a Trike-a-Thon, promoting a sense of camaraderie and involvement in our school community. Lastly, our esteemed establishment offers an engaging Summer Camp Program, ensuring continued growth and exploration once the academic year concludes


For pricing information or to schedule a tour, contact (805)499-6610. We look forward to hearing from you!


Nestled adjacent to the esteemed Monte Vista Presbyterian Sanctuary, our school campus exemplifies a secure and controlled environment, employing an access code system that restricts entry solely to students, families, and staff. Each family will receive a unique access code, guaranteeing exclusive building entry privileges. With utmost commitment to safety, our dedicated team meticulously oversees arrival and dismissal times, prioritizing the well-being of our cherished students, families, and staff.
Our sprawling outdoor playground encompasses many enriching features. Boasting a thoughtfully designed play structure, a meandering bike path, an inviting wooden playhouse, a flourishing garden, and a captivating sandbox, this expansive area provides ample room for children to engage in various activities. Our outdoor space fosters holistic development and joyful exploration. From exhilarating running and jumping to climbing and swinging, as well as immersive sensory play. To ensure optimal comfort and sun protection, the entire play area is shielded by canopies and meticulously supervised by our vigilant staff members. Moreover, our esteemed Monte Vista Presbyterian Sanctuary is the perfect venue for all gatherings, fostering a sense of community and providing a warm and inviting setting for various events and occasions.